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8th episode MTV Fast and Gorgeous

The 7th Episode of MTV Fast and Gorgeous was in one way quite exciting and in the other way too disappointing for the girls. The seventh episode was the final episode in India. From this episode, only 8 girls would make it to Silverstone and others would return back home. First, Rannvijay the host of MTV Fast and Gorgeous called all the nine girls for private talks. Actually he asked them individually to write the name of a girl who they thought should be dumped. When Rannvijay had the results in his hand, only three girls' name came up. Arundati and Preete had four votes each against them and Priyanka Singh got one vote against her.

Sonel was the one who wrote Priyanka's name. As, Priyanka had only one vote against her, she was safe. Now Sonel was asked to save one from Arundati and Preete. She saved Arundati and Preete was sent home.

Now, another contestant surprisingly makes an entry in the show. Mrinalni, who had previously been a part of MTV fast and the Gorgeous and had been crashed out in some episode comes back. Other contestants thought it to be unfair and it truly was unfair because the other contestants had gone through a lot of difficult tasks to come to that point and a girl without having to do much jumps to the show. Mrinalni didn't had good terms with the girls as well.

Rannvijay then takes the girls to show the F1 racing car from the Force India team. The girls then were asked to solve a jigsaw puzzle that would make the Force India's F1 racing car. There was no competition involved but the girls enjoyed doing it. Rannvijay then announced that they were going to have their real test regarding their charm and beauty. So the girls then dressed themselves up to the best they could.

The girls were then taken to Vijay Mallya's house. There they were kind of interviewed by Navin Kumar who judged them by their beauty, level of confidence and their way of dressing. After Preete, still one girl had to be crashed from the show. The girls then went to the voting chamber and took the name of a girl who they wanted out. In that, Mrinalni got the highest number of votes. But that wasn't for picking out a girl to crash out from MTV Fast and Gorgeous but just to show them how other contestants thought about them. One girl would be out based on the judgement by Vijay Mallya. From a total score of 10 the highest score was scored by Preetika and the least by Arundati. Preetika scored 9 out of 10 and Arundati scored 6 out of 10. So, Arundati was crashed out from the show.

That day was the last for the girls in India because they were to head to Silverstone for the next episode. Best of luck to all you eight girls of MTV Fast and Gorgeous for making it to Silverstone.

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