Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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7the episode-MTV Fast and Gorgeous

MTV Fast and Gorgeous is over with the 7th episode. The 7th episode of the show was really great and this time the destination was Japan. So the girls had tasks related to Japan. The first task really drove the shit out of them. They first had a task of eating Sushi, a Japanese food. The girls were divided into two teams. Then the MTV fast and gorgeous contestants had some Sushi placed before them and each team had to eat up the pieces kept in front of them. Neha and Niyati were in a team and Neha finished eating much faster than Niyati. But the time was counted for the team not a single contestant so Neha also suffered a loss in score. Sonam was second fastest individually but as a team she got less score because of her partner. Arundati and Dibya's team was the second fastest whereas Esha and Prete's team was the fastest team.

The next task was a one on one competition between the girls. It was a sumo wrestling in which each girl had to fight some another girl. The sumo wrestling took place in the Morghim beach. The girls in pole position i.e., Arundati, Dibya, Esha and Preeti chose the girls who they were going to fight. The MTV fast and gorgeous girls were too thin for a sumo wrestling so they had a blowed up suit on them. The girls actually had to get their opponent out of the lower mat. Isha had chosen Neha as her opponent but Neha easily got her out of the mat. Prete fought Priyanka and won over her. Arundati defeated Sonam and Dibya defeated Seher. Anyway the sumo wresting between the MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestants was real fun to watch.

After the wrestling was over, the girls in the crash zone were having a little chit chat. And Esha had said to Seher that Arundati wanted her out and Dibya also talked behind her back. So Seher goes to them and talks and finally all of them come to Esha to talk about the matter. This creates a misunderstanding among the girls and Esha has to hear words from her friends.

Now there were five girls in the crash zone, Esha, Seher, Sonam, Priyanka and Niyati. This time only girl was to be crashed out from the MTV Fast and Gorgeous. The decision was to be taken from the votes. Finally Seher and Niyati got just one votes against them, Seher got two against her while Sonam had no votes against her. Esha got six votes and was crashed out from MTV Force India the fast and the gorgeous.

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