Friday, July 10, 2009

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Neha Uppal's comeback in MTV Fast and Gorgeous

Neha Uppal, one of the most gorgeous ladies in MTV Fast and Gorgeous came back to the show after she had been dumped in an earlier episode. Neha had been dumped from the 2nd episode because of her then partner Anushree. Actually it was a saree wearing competition and whoever would do it slow would put her partner in the crash zone, herself remaining safe. So, Neha went to the crash zone and because of the votings by the other contestants, she had to part from the show.

But in the 6th episod, Neha comes back surprisingly along with her other close friend Priyanka Singh. They had been in the show through a wild-card entry. Neha and Priyanka had been partners while doing the task of doughnot ride. They won the task in their first performance right after their comeback, which really was a good sign.

Neha is actually a very deserving girl and it was really good that she came back to the show. During her interaction with Navin Kumar, she had been very confident and she looked very charming. The only misfit was her dress which looked a way too old fashoined for an MTV diva. Anyway she scored 8 out of 10 and while giving her the scores, Navin Kumar must have realised how beautiful and how confident she was.

Neha, I hope you'll surely be one among those 4 girls who will cheer for the Force India Team in the F1 Race. Not to forget, Neha Uppal had been a contestant of miss India 2006 as well.

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