Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Esha Goswami-MTV Fast and Gorgeous

Esha Goswami MTV fast and gorgeousEsha Goswami, The MTV Fast and the gorgeous contestant wakes up by 8:30 then goes to gym and then to work. She thinks that her biggest achievement is her house that she bought just at the age of 22. Two things that she always carries along are her mobile and money. Her friends and family call her by the names Esha, eshu, Cheena and others too.

The most exciting thing that she’s done is that she once went for a long drive alone. Her ideal destination could be anywhere unless it is beautiful and happening. Isha Goswami, the MTV fast and gorgeous contestants gets scared of Darkness, water, and snakes. Her motto is “Be cool and smile always no matter what”.

In her spare time, she reads books, watches movies and spends time with Friends and Family. She also likes travelling, listening to music of her choice and dance. She speaks Hindi, English and a bit of Marwari too. Isha Goswami thinks that the first impression is never the last impression. She can’t stand people who lie. She likes to live a solitary life as it can be made out from her talks. She says that the weirdest thing that she’d like to do is to go to a desolate place where nobody lives except her and wants to survive there.

Her most embarassing moment was when her clothes were unfit on ramp and everybody noticed that. MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant Esha Goswami finally gives her message to her competitors, “I know you all are very good but the best is yet to come, so am coming”.

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