Friday, May 29, 2009

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A new competitor Priyanka Chaudhary enters the Fast and the Gorgeous

A brand new episode of the Fast and the Gorgeous is on MTV. While the Splitsvilla is on the verge of completion, Fast and the Gorgeous is really gonna arouse the MTV India reality program lovers. This week on MTV India, Fast and the Gorgeous, a new competitor has entered the competition. Priyanka Chaowdhary a really dazzling lady from Mumbai who, as told is a professional model entered the competition this week. Her first encounter with Priyanka Sharma left the latter aghast. But Priyanka Sharma was much too sure about the entry of at least two or three more competitors.

Not only Priyanka Sharma but everyone seemed to be totally surprised after seeing their new competitor. But Priyanka Chaowdhary said that everyone welcomed her with their arms wide open. Sonam didn’t seem bothered a bit by the new entry and she said distastefully that the new girl was no big competition. Anyway Priyanka Chaowdhary seemed to be healthily mingled with the rest.

A new message awaited the girls at the pit box. They were asked to choose a brand new partner, different than the one in the previous episode. Priyanka Chaudhary coupled with Preeti. Others quickly coupled up and Preeti who said wanted to explore new friends readily agreed to partner with Priyanka Chaudhary.

The girls now headed for their task along with the newcomer Priyanka Chaowdhary. The task to do was really a bit humorous. The girls had to get their face battered with Pizza. A girl would be tied to a pole with a rope and another would hit her with a Pizza aiming at her face. The game was really interesting but there were only a total of five or six hits in total.

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