Friday, May 29, 2009

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Preetika Dubey-MTV The Fast and the gorgeous contestant

Preetika Dubey-MTV the fast and the gorgeous contestantThe hot MTV the fast and the gorgeous contestant Preetika Dubey starts her day by doing a bit of exercise in her gym for an hour. Then she heads for her jewellery design classes which end at 4 . Then she does some freelance designing & goes for auditions. On weekends, she gets up late and watches movies or sometimes hangout with friends.

Two things that Preetika Dubey always carries with herself are her iPod and Lip balm. She is called Preetz or Preetu by her friends and family. She says that her ideal destination for holidays would be Italy. She gets a bit naughty saying that the weirdest thing that she would do is swim fully unclothed in the Atlantic ocean at sunrise. She has not travelled abroad, but travelled all over India and she has a desire to go overseas. Even though she hasn’t visited other countries, she had spent much of her time(about a year) before in the college hostel during which during which I got the opportunity to interact with people from various global background.

The most exciting thing that Preetika Dubey has done is rafting in Rishikesh. In her spare time, MTV the fast and the gorgeous contestant Preetika Dubey loves reading, listening to music, swimming, painting, reading and sketching. She despises hypocrites. Her biggest achievement was making it in the top 5 in a beauty pageant called 'Gladrags' and winning the sub title of 'most potential'

Preetika Dubey says that her most embarrassing moment was when she, along with her mates did random moves in a dance competition when all of them forgot what they had to do. If she were cast away in an unearthly place, she would build a house for herself, grow vegetables and hunt for food as a hobby, keep a pet as she believes that all that is needed in life is to build something and love something.

MTV the fast and the gorgeous contestant Preetika Dubey wants to wish luck to all the her competitors on the show.

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