Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Neha and Shreya dumped from MTV fast and the gorgeous second episode

From the second episode of MTV Fast and the Gorgeous(24th May 09), two girls, Neha and Shreya got dumped. Actually they had to leave the competition from the second round of task and that too because of their partner's flaws. Actually there is no-one to blame because the task itself was a bit cheesy. The girls after getting hit with Pizzas had to perform another task. In the Pizza war competition, Anurita and Arundati's group got the highest score.

After the Pizza war, the girls got ready for their next set of task. In that, a group with two girls each had to compete with the other. One of their partners would go into the changing rooms to wear sarees and whoever came out of the room with the saree done well would be safe along with her partner. The one coming later would be safe herself but her partner would get thrown to the crash zone.

The Saree wearing competition of MTV The Fast and the Gorgeous competition got the ones in crash zones infuriated with their partner. Actually the rules were not so satisfactory because one had to be in the crash zone for no reason but her partner's sluggishness. After all it was a game and two chicks had to be dumped, so the task had to be done. Four girls went to the crash zone namely, Neha, Shreya, Arundati and Preete.

Two girls among these four had to be dumped. A voting took place against the four girls. There was a tie among two girls, Sonia and Preete with 6 votes each. Neha got 9 and Shreya got 11 votes against them. So obviously, Sonia and Preete were safe.

Neha and Shreya were dumped but they seemed to be cool. Anyway best of luck for you girls, you'll get better oppurtunities in future.

Neha Uppal

Shreya Dutta

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