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Seher Tibb-MTV The Fast and the Gorgeous contestant

Seher Tibb-MTV The fast and the gorgeous contestantSeher Tibb is one of the cute divas in MTV The Fast and the Gorgeous. Her daily routine is nothing extravagant. She wakes up and gets ready for breakfast. In the evening she goes to the gym and spends time with family or friends or sometimes watches movie.

Seher Tibb, the contestant of MTV The Fast and the gorgeous doesn’t miss her cellphone and a sai baba picture. She thinks that her biggest achievement was graduating amongst the top five from ELITE - First Batch in 2002.

Seher has no nicknames and her friends and family call her by her original name. She likes travelling and is an avid traveler. She has travelled abroad several times to coutnries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Dubai & Kazakhstan. She says that she had been successful in making friends in these countries. She doesn’t like self-centered ones and likes well groomed, polite people. Once she had played with her father's pet female leopard on the tea estates in Assam whose name was BEGUM. She says that was the most exciting thing she has done. The wildest thing Seher desires to do is ride across the United States on a Harley Davidson with a friend.

In her spare time, the MTV fast and the gorgeous diva likes watching movies, help her mother in housework, bathe her two dogs and sometimes get online to chat with friends. Seher Tibb loves reading social magazines and is interested in interior designing. Her ideal holiday destinations would be mountains in the summer and seaside in the winter.

Seher Tibb shares her motto, “Live and Let Live” and says that one should be kind to those who are less fortunate than him/her. She wishes for the best among them to win the contest. She also passes a message to all the contestants expressing her desire to remain as friends even after the show.

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