Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Preeti Bhutani-MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant

Preeti Bhutani MTV Fast and GorgeousMTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant Preeti Bhutani starts her day with a morning walk and then goes to the temple. She gets involved in shoots and auditions if there are any. There are occasional meetings too. In the evening she goes to the gym and parties.

Her biggest achievement as she says are the two apartments that she bought in Mumbai. She never goes out without her cell phone and credit card. She says she is called Prete by her friends because she is pretty. She says she would never step on to anyone else's head for success. She has a dream of traveling abroad but hasn’t been anywhere yet. But she has many international friends.

In her spare time, MTV Fast and gorgeous contestant Preeti Bhutani watches movies, practices on voice for singing, plays with her puppies, maintains her house and meets her friends. When asked if she can play any musical instruments, Preeti answers yes and says that she can play harmonium. It looks like she has an inclination towards the classical music. She thinks that the first impression is the last impression.

Preeti Bhutani can’t stand lies and she gets impressed by genuinity. Her motto is to be the best. She wants to give a message to her competitors at MTV the Fast and Gorgeous, “Beware in coming

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