Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Anushree Bathla-MTV fast and gorgeous contestant

For MTV fast and gorgeous contestant Anushree Bathla, there are no special weekends if she is not working early in the morning. She loves going to the parties. She says that her biggest achievement was when she won the Miss. Shimla title. Two things that she always carries with her are her mobile and a lip balm.

Anushree is called Mickey by her friends and family. But her best friend calls her sugar. She loves to see clean and vibrant looks in men and hates shallow men. She hasn’t been overseas and neither does she have friends across the globe.

She says that the most exciting thing that she has done till date was being a part of a reality show. Her most embarrassing moment was during the time she was a radio jockey in a big radio station. Anushree Bathla was giving the cricket score update and said that India has made 166 runs in 34.6 overs.

Anushree Bathla says that her motto is “Live and Let Live”. In her spare time, she listens to music, watches television, read some religious books or philosophy, meets friends, spends time being online, shops and sleeps. She also loves dancing, driving and swimming.

The first impression is not the last one for her. Anushree Bathla can speak four different languages, Hindi, English, Gujrati and Punjabi. One thing that she won’t do for succeeding would be becoming a part of a casting couch. Her ideal destination for holidays would be Australia. The wildest thing that she desires to do is kidnap all the corrupt politicians secretly and torture them. She gets scared if she is physically challenged. Anushree Bathla, the mtv fast and the gorgeous contestant wants to give a message to her competitors, “Hey friends lets just give positive energies to each other and make a wonderful show.”

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