Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Diya Hayat-MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant

Diya Hayat-MTV Fast and GorgeousDiya Hayat-MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant lives everyday as a weekend but she takes her work very seriously. She gives her weekends to her family & her cats. She thinks that she is a self-made personality and has a confidence that she can become an actress. She is with her unshakable qualities which are like a god’s gift to her.

Diya Hayat does know how to play harmonium. She says that the first impression is only one side of the coin but still it leavese a big impact on people as it is an important thing. .
She says that her goodluck is her mother & her prayer which is always there with her like a pious blessing for her.

Her best destination for holiday would be Switzerland and Maldives because she loves snow and water. Diya hayat would love to have a date with Salman Khan and Tom Cruise. Diya Hayat, the MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant is afraid of heights.

In her spare time, she picks up the phone or drives to her friend place. She is a music freak and says that music is like oxygen to her, She has a collection from 1970s to the modern ones. Her hobbies besides listening to music are swimming, singing, dance, talks, fitness, skating, adventures, & sports, jumping, traveling, meet new but good people etc. Diya Hayat never misses to carry her credit card as she says she is a shopaholic. She is familiar with many languages,.English, Hindi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Marathi, Arabic & little Spanish.

MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant Diya Hayat won’t compromise her dignity in any case. She wants to grow as a human being & compromise of ethics. She keeps traveling off and on as it is her hobby to discover new places & meet new people. The wildest thing that she desires to do is Jetsky & parartiding. She wishes to take a Taquilla shot for 1st & last time and have a first scene with Nana Patekar & Gulshan Grover

She says that her motto is to get the whole world under her wings. MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant Diya Hayat wants to give a message to her competitors, “Best of luck!! Catch me if you can!!”

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