Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Arundati Singha –MTV Fast and gorgeous

Arundati Singha-MTV Fast and GorgeousArundati Singha, The MTV fast and gorgeous contestant forces herself to wake up early in morning and then takes her breakfast. She then goes for meetings, shootings and auditions. In weekends, she gets up late as possible and also practices dance. She loves hanging out with her friends and listening music too.

Arundati thinks that her biggest achievement is her training in a place like Kalashetra and becoming a part of it. She doesn’t believe in first impressions. She is familiar with seven different languages namely Hindi, English, Assameese, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujrati. Her ideal destination for holiday would be Greece because of its ancient civilization. The wildest thing that Arundati desires to do is to go back in time and become "AL PACINO'S HEROINE"

MTV fast and gorgeous contestant Arundati Singha is scared of heights and deep water. In her spare time, she cleans her room and bathroom, pamper herself, watch movies at home or theatre. She loves listening to music, going on long drives , dancing and photography. She also practices martial art and goes travel and trekking sometimes.

Two things that Arundati always carries with herself are her attitude and confidence. Her friends call her by the name Mompy. She doesn’t like liars, hypocrites and those who show off. She likes traveling overseas and does it all the time as she says. Her motto in life is “Always chase perfection”. Arundati Singha, the mtv fast and gorgeous contestant wants to pass a message to her competitors, “Leave now and avoid embarrassment!”

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