Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Mrinalni Tyagi-MTV Fast and Gorgeous Contestant

Mrinalni Tyagi MTV Fast and GorgeousMTV Fast and gorgeous contestant Mrinalni Tyagi makes sure to complete all her work and her pending tasks. On weekends, she sleeps and chills and basically does nothing. She likes dancing and traveling. She doesn’t think that a first impression is the last impression. She doesn’t have knowledge of musical instruments.

Mrinalni Tyagi says that her ideal destination would be any place that has a beach. When she is free, she listens to the music, shops and reads (B.Times). Two things that she always carries with herself are her wallet and her cellphone. Mrinalni is addressed by the name Chidya by her friends. She says she won’t take any shortcut to succeed in her life. Her biggest achievement is her work in the fashion industry & Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award (trekking).

Mrinalni Tyagi the MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant hates liars, people with lack of sense and with much attitude. She hasn’t particulary been abroad except Dhaka. But she has interacted with many international people while working as an operator in a call center. Mrinalni says that the most exciting thing that she has done is packing her bags and flying to Goa because that was the thing Mrinalni always wanted to do. MTV Fast and Gorgeous contestant Mrinalni Tyagi wishes to have a healthy competition with her competitors.

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