Monday, May 25, 2009

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Sonel Singh-MTV the Fast and the Gorgeous contestant

Sonel Singh a black beauty on MTV fast and the gorgeous usually goes gymming & then to meet her friends. She says she generally has awesome days that don’t differ from weekends. Once she actually performed a solo show for 45 long minutes and the audience didn't get bored. She says, that was the biggest achievement in her life.

Sonel Singh is pretty much aloof from musical instruments as she can’t play any. She doesn’t believe in the saying that the first impression is the last impression. The first impression doesn’t mean anything to her as she changes my opinion over time. She can speak Hindi, English and Punjabi effortlessly. She said that she has had cat fights with her sister off and on. Her most embarrassing moment was when she held the boy’s hand she had gone date with who never talked to her after that incident.

In her leisure time, she loves making prank calls but she barely gets such leisure time. The things that she always goes out with are her sports shoes and the keys to her house. Her pet names are Khalli and Babeeeeeeeee!

The bright contestant of MTV The Fast and the gorgeous Sonel Singh doesn’t have any hobbies in particular. She says that she would never have a physical relationship with someone to move up in life. She has been travelling overseas since she was a kid. She has interacted with people from different backgrounds and she likes getting to know different kinds of people! Sonel Singh wishes to have fun with her competitors in MTV the Fast and the gorgeous. She had also participated in MTV roadies 6.

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