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Divya Puri-MTV The Fast and the Gorgeous contestant

Dibya Puri-MTV the fast and the gorgeous contestantThe Fast and the Gorgeous contestant Divya Puri generally spends her time at home having a relaxed day or goes out to meet her friends or for official meetings. Unless she is working, there's not much difference between her other days and weekends. Sometimes she goes clubbing. She says that her biggest achievements are the achievements she has made regarding her career and her independent endeavors in reaching her goal.

Divya Puri isn’t into playing musical instruments. She says that while she was at her school, she had used harmoniums for Riyaz during her classical singing classes. When asked about the first impression, she says that it is the beginning of getting to know the other person better. Divya Puri is fluent with English, Hindi and Punjabi and also knows a bit of French.

Divya Puri hates liars and hypocrites. These traits are a complete turn off in a person as she believes. She says that the physical build of a person doesn’t impress her in the first hand. She like people who are what they are and is would like them more for their intelligence, knowledge and humor.

She is known by her nickname Dive or Smiley among her family and friends. She likes to read, go out with friends, chat and go clubbing. She sits online a lot and loves social networking on Facebook mostly for work. She also loves to to sketch, sing and dance or listen to music. Her belongings that Divya always takes along with her are her phone and her wallet.

MTV the fast and the gorgeous contestant, Divya Puri says that she can be verbally abusive when required or necessary but she always remains on the defensive side, i.e. she only gets abusive when somebody gets abusive with her. If got trapped in an unearthly place, she said would befriend people or things there and make them her mode of entertainment. And she would eat and survive on unidentified plants.

Talking about her most embarrassing moment, Divya Puri says that once she was doing a ramp show for a college and there was sort of a wardrobe malfunction due to which she had to turn back halfway to prevent her from getting embarrassed more. She has gone for a trek to the Himalayas with her family at 15000 ft. She have also gate crashed into a couple of parties.

One thing that she wouldn’t do to succeed would be use somebody to succeed/move up and hurting him/her later.She doesn’t want to lower herself in her own eyes. She has travelled overseas before and has interacted with different people from different global backgrounds to understand them better and get to know more about them.

She says that the wildest thing that she would like to do would be to go for a crazy boat race in a wild river just like the amazon race. She says that she would also love to dress like a guy and roam around the city without letting anyone recognizing her. Dibya’s motto is to live and let live and make the most out of life. She says that life is too short so one should just go get what they want. Well talking about herself, Divya Puri says that she is strong headed, hardworking, optimistic, goal oriented patient, happy go lucky and witty.

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