Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Sonam Kapoor-MTV The Fast and the Gorgeous contestant

Sonam Kapoor-MTV the fast and The gorgeous The black beauty of MTV Force India the fast and the gorgeous, Sonam Kapoor starts her day with exercise at 10am after which she goes to work in her boutique. She says that she doesn’t have weekends and that Sundays are one of the most hectic days for her. She takes a rest on Mondays. Sonam Kapoor likes to be cool and relaxed. Her biggest achievement as she says is her participation in National level debate and merit in her 10th French exam.

Sonam Kapoor thinks that the first impression is the last impression. She hates people who feel that they are the best and love whatever they do, typically the narcissists. She says that she wouldn’t let herself get laid to be paid. Sonam loves to play piano but these days she isn’t much attached to them. She hasn’t had her most exciting moment till date as she says and hopes for something exciting to happen in the competition.

MTV the fast and the gorgeous contestant Sonam Kapoor loves reading in her spare time and loves to read anything, from fiction to biography. She loves playing indoor games because Bombay is too hot to play outdoor games. She is keenly interested in designing and loves to sketch.

Sonam Kapoor talks interestingly when asked about her nickname. She believes that her family has forgotten that she has another name. She says, they themselves don't know how and why people started calling her that P.S her brother claims its because of him. Well one thing she can't stand is bad odour.

Sonam Kapoor likes calling herself a civil person and hasn’t indulged in any fights. Her ideal destination for Holiday would be Bora Bora. She has been to China and stayed there for 2 weeks. She says that people there loved her eyes. Two things that she never goes out with are her cell phone and her scrunchy.

MTV the fast and the gorgeous diva Sonam Kapoor is afraid of heights and anything that crawls. Anyway her message to other competitors goes like this, “Give it your best shot, because I'm going to give it better than my best.”

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