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3rd episode-MTV the fast and the gorgeous

The third episode of MTV The fast and the gorgeous was really thrilling. The girls were really very awesome at performing tasks. The girls got wet and wild riding cycle against a forceful shower of water oozing out the pipe. Priyanka Sharma got crashed out from this episode.

One girl would hold the pipe deliberately to make the other girl(the one on the bicycle) fall or step down her foot from the bicycle. Well the girls were really smart and seemed did good. Actually the girls were divided into a team of two each and one of them would ride while a girl from another team would throw shower at her. the one who could stand the water pressure for a long time and without stamping the ground would be the winner. Preetika did the best on cycles. She could keep herself on the bicycle until she reached the checkpoint which no other girl could do well. Preetika was slow and steady and that was the reason that she succeeded in scoring the highest point and becoming the fastest. Others were good too and some seemed really uncomfortable with bicycles.

sonel and seher enter MTV the fast and the gorgeousArunita had to part from MTV fast and the gorgeous as she got a very emergency call from her home. But two girls replaced her, Sonel and Seher. Sonel had been a contestant of MTV Roadies 5. The veteran seemed to get along well with other contestants. Seher who is also a charming lady has made good friends with Sonam, Niyati and others.

As there were two additions(Sonel and Seher) and one reduction(Arunita) in this episode, only one girl had to be dumped. The girls who couldn’t be fast at the race went to the dumping zone. The saddest thing was that Preetika, despite being the fastest had to be in the crash zone because of Priyanka Chowdhary. Priyanka Chowdhary later apologized for it.

Finally from the crash zone one girl had to be voted out and it was Priyanka Singh. Majority of the contestants wanted Priyanka Singh dumped. She said she would miss Sonam and Anushree the most.

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