Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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4th episode-MTV fast and gorgeous

The fourth episode of MTV the fast and the gorgeous was one of the most exciting ones till now. The girls first formed groups of four people each and two among them couldn’t find a group for themselves. They were Priyanka Sharma and Anushree. So, they didn’t have to perform the first task.

The girls who had formed a group of four each were the ones participating in the competition. The twelve girls who were in the team had to do the task while Priyanka and Anushree just watched them do. The three teams were asked to change the tires of a vehicle. Sonam, Preetika, Niyati and Seher performed it first. They were amazingly fast and they did it well. The tyres had to be fit tight so just hurrying around wasn’t going to help. Sonel, Niyati, Priyanka Chowdhary and Isha did next. They were also good but one of them hardly escaped a body part of the car hitting her head. Another group also did it well but were slow. Sonam’s team won and they had the pole position.

mtv fast and gorgeous changing tiresAnushree and Priyanka Sharma had to speculate the winner of the tire-changing task prior to the it. If their guess would be correct, they would be in the safe zone along with the winning team and if wrong, they along with the losing team would be in the crash zone. But they wrote the name of the team that was the slowest which lead them to the crash zone.

The next task was very funny one of the funniest in MTV Fast and gorgeous. The girls now in a team of three each(only the ones who weren’t in the crash zone). One of the girls from the team was to banged to two gongs alternately with a helmet on her head. The team that would bang the most in three minutes would be the winner. Sonam was banged by Niyati and Preetika. Seher had insisted to be the headbanger because she had a pain in her hand but her partners didn’t agree. Consequently her team was the slowest. In this one too Sonam’s team won. It seems like Sonam was the good luck charm.

Sonam’s team could save one girl from the crash zone as they were the winners of the gong banging task. They saved Seher. The girls in the safe zone had to vote for a girl they liked to be crashed out. Arundati was standing in the crash zone for the third time. Arundati and Dibya just got one vote each and so were safe. Other two got no votes at all. Priyanka Sharma got four votes against her and Mrinalni five against her. The girls seemed to hate Mrinalni very much. They said that her attitude stinks, she didn’t have manners and was over confident. So Priyanka Sharma and Mrinalni were crashed out from the fourth episode of MTV fast and gorgeous.

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