Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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5th episode-MTV Fast and Gorgeous

In the fifth episode of MTV Fast and Gorgeous, the girls were tested on some dancing skills as well. The girls formed a group of two and performed Brazilian Samba dance. They had an instructor who first taught them the basics and later the girls practiced with their partners. Priyanka Chowdhary and Sonia Chabra were dumped from this episode.

The girls exclaimed that the Samba dance competition was the most enjoyable task they had done till date. Sonam and Arundati had formed a team and they also did it very well. Dibya appeared with her partner Sonel in a black dress. Preetika teamed up with Seher. All the girls had different colored costumes for Samba. Anushree and Niyati’s team won the Samba dance competition as judged by their instructor and they had the pole position.

The girls in pole position had the capability to send any two girls to the crash zone. Preetika chose to send Priyanka Chowdhary to the crash zone and Anushree thought Sonia should also go. So these two girls had to be in the crash zone.

The next task was a competition in which swimming was also involved. The pair had to perform a task in which one girl would collect the cans from the swimming pool and the other would pile them up on a raft making a pyramid. Sonam and Arundati went first. Next was Dibya’s team. Dibya was looking like some Mallu Actress and her partner also the same.Priyanka Chowdhary and Sonia Chabra were in the crash zone so they didn’t participate in the race but just helped the others collect the cans.

Sonam’s team collected 39 cans which carried 39 points but had to lose 7 points because of their small faults. Seher’s team got 26, Niyati’s 28 and Sonel’s 34. Esha and Preeti who were a team just collected 17 cans. Preeti who collected the cans had been a bit breathless while swimming.

Preeti and Esha were sent to the crash zone. But they survived after voting. Priyanka Chowdhary and Sonia Chabra were dumped from the fifth episode of MTV Fast and Gorgeous as they got the maximum number of votes.

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