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6th Episode-MTV Fast and Gorgeous

MTV fast and gorgeous episode six
The fifth episode of MTV Fast and Gorgeous came with a bit of a shock for some contestants. In the very beginning, Rannvijay introduced two new contestants to the show. Actually they weren't totally new but had been dumped earlier. Neha Uppal and Priyanka Sharma were those who were in the show again. Neha had been dumped during the second episode due to her friend Anushree's who couldn't be the fastest in the saree wearing competition. And Priyanka was dumped in a later episode. Both Priyanka Singh and Neha Uppal were brought back through Wild cards.

Sonam and Anushree who had been close to Neha and Priyanka seemed very happy to get their friends back in the show. But there had been some sourness as Neha came to learn about Sonam's intimacy with Dibya and some other girls who didn't go much well with them previously.

The girls of MTV fast and gorgeous along with the two latest entries had to perform a doughnot ride in a group of two each. They were dragged with their doughnot in the sea and the time before which they topple was noted. The team that would sustain for the maximum time would be the winner and would get the pole position. Rannvijay finally announced the winning team that was the team of Neha and Priyanka Singh. The girls really did well and showed their colors with their entry in the show. Sonam and Anushree's team got the least point as they remained with the doughnot only for 34 seconds that was the least among all. Neha and Priyanka Singh had survived for 1 minute 36 seconds.

The next competition was a car washing competition. Each team would get 5 minutes to wash a car and the team that would clean the maximum number of compartments would be the winner. Then Sonam and Anushree would perform the same task and if they beat the highest score, one of them would be safe.

Finally four girls were in the crash zone, Sonam, Anushree, Seher and Dibya. The girls first voted for one among Sonam and Anushree. Sonam was saved and she was asked to replace one among Esha and Preetika. She replaced Preetika due to which Preetika came to the crash zone. The girls voted again. Anushree and Preetika got the maximum number of votes. Dibya and Seher got four votes each and were saved. So, Preetika and Anushree were voted out from the sixth episode of MTV Fast and Gorgeous.

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