Sunday, July 19, 2009

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MTV Fast and Gorgeous 9th episode

MTV Fast and Gorgeous Silverstone
The show is gradually coming to an end. The ninth episode of MTV Fast and Gorgeous took place in London. This time, the show was hosted by Dipti Gujral. The girls seemed to be too much excited about this show in London and everybody had the spirit to perform well and be a speed diva.

The girls were first taken rounds of the city on a bus. They were introduced to several places and monuments like Status of Eros, Phantom of the Opera, St. james Palace, three storied stone tower of Talles, Tower brdige of London etc. During the session, their British guide thoughroughly briefed them about those places.

The girls were now called upon by Dipti Gujral. The girls didn't seem to gather much about the monuments and now they were going to pay for their carelessness. Dipti started asking the girls some questions regarding the places they had seen. The eight girls in MTV Fast and Gorgeous were divided into 4 pairs of two each. Pair one consisted of Sonam and Priyanka, pair two had Mrinalni and Niyati. Sonel, Seher, Neha and Dibya formed the other two pairs. Dibya looked liked the Mallu actress Kavya Madhavan. The girls were asked questions like "Which hotel did Julia Roberts stay during a movie shoot?", "Which is the first pair to live in the Buckingham palace?" and so on. Pair 1 scored 1 point, pair 2 scored 2 points, pair3 got 3 points and pair 4 got 2 points. The winning pair consisting of Sonel and Dibya and they were gonna have some benefit in the final race.

Now the girls got ready to go the Julie Park. Their final race was called Wildstone Scavneger hunt. In the race, the girls had to go along witha poladroid camera and take snaps of ten things that they were asked to find. And they should also have themselves in the photo. Sonel and Dibya got 1 minute extra for their task. The girls of MTV Fast and Gorgeous did their job very well. But someone had to go home. Mrinalni and Dibya were crashed out from the episode. Best of luck to the other girls.

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